Raíces de América or Roots of America

25 Years of the Raíces de América

This compilation is dedicated to the memory of Enzo Merino, Enrique Bergen, Flavio Rangel and Isabel Ribeiro.
Sweat, blood and poverty had been for a long time the main aspects that stained this, so unarticulated, and opressed Latin America . Now it's time to reajust it into an untouchable single block, able to turn it into an independent and happy continent again.
(Oscar Niemeyer)

In the band show today, the band is always hosted tenderly and friendly by its faithful admirers, and in these meetingsthe remembrances are many from those 25 years of passion for the South American art. The audience is always wondering, anxiously for what is going to come next.

25 anos do Raíces Far from the musical studios since 1990, in 2004 the band was invited by the Devil Discos to join their cast of artists involved with fine quality music, when it went back to them . It's definetely the first register of the Raíces de América Band as it it, today, hving as lead vocals Pedro La Colina, from Chile, and the brazilian singer Miriam Miràh. The brazilian musicians André Perine, Jara Arraes,Tadeu Passarelli, the chilean Oscar Segovia, Chico Pedro, and Willy Verdaguer from Argentina, assure the peculiar sound of the Raíces de América.

The people who attended the shows in the last years could have a sample of the Raíces de América new songs, joined to the former years repertoire .Thus we have the "Raíces de América - 25 Years".

"La Carta", "Cantor de Ofício", "Fruto do Suor", "Guajira pela Esperanza de América Latina", with new arranges for the voices of today.

The counterbassist Willy Verdaguer's compositions previously recorded in other projects, "Humauaca", "Cuando", "Estrellita", the counterbass solo in "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", the widely awarded "Mira Ira" in the Festival of the Festivals, a chacarera enthusiastically applauded in the shows, "Entre A Mi Pago Sin Golpear", and the brand new "Ameríndia", that Tony Osanah, one of thee founders of the band, specially sent them, complete this "New" Raíces de América.

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