Raíces de América or Roots of America

Pedro la Colina

Pedro la Colina Pedro la Colina, was born in  Antofagasta, Chile, singer and percussionist. Iniciated his career with the band El Comobo,  together with the sound arranger and piano player Pepe Cisneros, from Guantanamo - Cuba, and with the saxophonist Felipe Lamoglia, de Havana, with whom he took part of the  presentation for the inauguration of the Parlatino, in the Latin America, in São Paulo, in 1993.

Quite after that he worked in Japan, in the latin folklore music project “Inty Mapu”  “Inty Mapu”. Coming back to Brazil, he was invited to take part of the bands “El Montuno, “Kaduna – Tributo a Carlos Santana”.   In 2001 took part of the inauguration of the First National Salsa Meeting with his band  Madretierra.

In 2002 was invited as a special guest of the band Havana Brasil, presenting with Tito Puente Jr, in the Bourbon Street Music Club, recording a DVD for the Music Club, recording a DVD for the Direct TV.

Pedro la Colina In 2003 took part of the inauguration of the First International Salsa Meeting, again with his band Madretierra.

After that, he had some presentations with the band Cañaveral in the “Rey Castro Cuban Bar” and “Buena Vista Club” nightclubs.

Imediately after that, in the Salsa Samba Club project, a mixture of afro-latin roots, merging songs from Johnny Alf, Djavan, João Donato, Cartola, Dominguinhos, Chico Buarque and Thomas Roth/Luis Guedes. This work reached the cd market in 2004, by MCD Lua Discos.

Pedro la Colina

Integrates the “Raíces de América” band since 2000 .

contact: pedrolacolina@raicesdeamerica.com