Raíces de América or Roots of America

Jara Arrais

Jara Arrais Jara Arrais, brazilian, musician, maestro and arranjador of the vocal groups "Cantares" from Diadema and "Contratempo", from santo André. He took part of the musical play "Canta América" as both a singer and a guitar player. Performed a play role in the plays "A Nave Mãe", "A Água é Vida", and "Baião de Dois" directed by Alberto Chagas, as a musician and a composer. He already played with the band "Terramérica"(guitar, charango and caipira guitar) and the musical group "Vento Livre".

He played in the greatest latin music halls of São Paulo ( "Cauã", "America Madre" and "Pulperia" ). Is a member of "Raíces de América" since 2000.

Jara Arrais

Instruments: guitar, Charango and Vocals.

contact: jaraarrais@raicesdeamerica.com