Raíces de América or Roots of America

Chico Pedro

Chico Pedro Chico Pedro, chileno, started his musical studies in Chile, with the pianist Berta Cambria, and then, after a while he went ool . Took part of various bands, till he joined the band Huenteman, and participated of many festivals in the fifth region of Chile, till 1981

In 1982 arrived in Brazil, to work with music . getting in contact with other latin musicians living in Brazil, he played in many bars and nightclubs, till he joined the band "Andes", a little while after that, he joined the “Raíces de América”.

Chico Pedro In that period, he took part of many other projects such as se “Inti-Aimara y Nacha” and “Corazón Andino”, both for “Movieplay Records”, and in the former project, na instrumental rccording, he played solo. He was invited by “Som Livre Records” to play for a record with the singer Giovana, and also joined the band “Alma” in a CD, a mixture of MPB and latin american with rock'n'roll. He played with the singer Shakira , in several TV shows. Ocasionally takes part of MPB festivals and shows, with the vocal band “Tarumã” and the bands “Bluecólico” and “Alma”. He took part of some TV adds short movies as both a musician and a text interpreter.

He is in “Raíces de América” since 1988.

Chico Pedro

Instruments: Quena, Zampoña, Tarkas, Ocarinas and Tranversal Flute.

contact: chicopedro@raicesdeamerica.com