Raíces de América or Roots of America

São Paulo Symph. Orchestra and Raíces de América

Sinfônica Latin Concert is the result of the union of two musical groups of very different tendencies , at one side, the "São Paulo Symphonic Orchestra", the professional cast of graduates from the "Tom Jobim" Music Free University, who idealized the wholw project, that had , as a goal, the diffusion of the concert music , originarilly comceived for this kind of instrumental formation, with emphasis on the twentieth century music, and , on the other side, the "Raíces de América" Band, leaded by the argentine composer Willy Verdaguer and integrated by Brazilian, Argentine and Chilean musicians, considered by the musical critics one of the greatest folkclorical latin american music groups. The concert took place in São Paulo Latin American Memorial, in 1995, on April, it was the audience record for the "São Paulo Symphonic Orchestra" presentations. The North American vision of the latin culture is expressed in the great "Cubana Overture" from George Gershwin, followed by the " Two Pampean Scenes " suite from the Argentine composer Theodoro de Castro. As much as the musical language nurtured by the "Raíces" in the diffusion of the several latin rythms, the arranges produced brought for that concert the sound and structural richness of the Symphonic language widely played by the Orchestra with the help of a team of the most respectable paulist ( São Paulo) arrangists, the stars Edmundo Villani-Côrtes, Nailor de Azevedo "Proveta", Laércio de Freitas and Roberto Sion.


Part I
Cuban Overture
Two Pampean Scenes
Part II
Nu 2000
Zamba de las Tolderias
Negra de Colores
Part III
Canción con Todos
El Pajaro Campana
Part IV
Fiesta de San Benito

Regency: Roberto Farias; and the "Raíces de América" integrants: