Raíces de América or Roots of America

Ten Years Anniversary Commemoration

"Goiania Theater"
( Ten Years Anniversary Commemoration )

Ten YearsSo far, the latin american musicality hadn't been so highly appreciated. Even uncommon powerful markets for the latin american music, such like Europe and the almighty US had developed a strong tendency to appreciate the music style which had been for long time confined to its geographical limits, that prvented it fro reaching higher grades and gratest audiences

Insisting to incorporate this musicality since 1979, he "raíces de América" band incorporates, eaxctly, this latinidad, today widely searched for stars and audiences in the four continents. Having in its formation artists from Brazil, Chile and Argentina, the band turns out to be a faithful picture of the most authentic musical expression of the emotive latinidad.

Incorporating elements such as folklore, the fusion of genres and styles and very peculiar interpretations, the "Raíces de América" gets, with its serious, consistent work, to reach, "right in the eye", thousands of people that never get tired of watching and listening to them, mainly, through their oversearched and admired shows.

It's not by accident, thus, that the band's audience keeps growing, from show to show. Not only in the brazilian territory, but also in their tours overseas. The strong latin accent of the music shown by the "Raíces" in its shows, reafirms their latinidad, but without isolating it from the rest of the world.

Its comtemporarity is evident in a repertoire that merges manifestations of the culture of various people indifferent times. Thus, at the same time, it revives in a thrilling emotional way the beautiful "Volver a Los 17", it comes out with "Cio da Terra" or gives a real enlightning version of "Rosa de Hiroshima". Concluding that, the "Raíces" is a result of the feelings of a paradoxal Latin America, where the Peace lives together with the War, where the Good, in minor doses, is beside the Evil, where the corruption and the wealth of some, deeply, contrast, with the franciscan poverty of the majority of the prople.

A special musical trip to the stars is what happens when the Brazilians, Chileans and Argentines of the "Raíces de América" ocupy their sites on the stage for a show, where, certainly, it's never forgotten, the emotion, and the talent of the artists always overflows. Getting aboard this spaceship is, more than a simple amusement, it's the purest pleasure of feeling the hot blood running through the veins, causing the heart beats to accelarate. Latinally!

José Sebastião Pinheiro