Raíces de América or Roots of America

Shows Appointments

The Raíces de América has a vast experence in shows all over Brazil and South America, along these, 25 years of successful career. Below we list the required equipment for the shows, a stage map showing the position of the musicians and their respective instruments, such as a form in case you want to pre schedule a show with the Raíces de América.

Equipment required
Itens by musician:

1 - André

2 - Willy

3 - Pedro

4 - Mirian

5 - Chico Pedro

6 - Jara

7 - Tadeu

8 - Oscar

9 - Percussion

For the Stage:
Monitors (back and sides):
P.A.s enough for the house
Frontal individual spots.
Frontal General;
Counter light;
Lateral (if possible);
With Controlling table.
7 Microphones for voice (with the respective pedestais)– being 2 wireless ones for the leading vocals;
9 Microphones for Drums and for Percussion (being 1 for voice, 4 for drums and 4 for percussion) – with pedestais or suportes needed;
3 Amplifiers and 1 Microphone (with pedestal for the amplifier of the electric guitar): one for the electric bass (GK – with head and box – with Direct Box for line), one for electric guitar (Jazz Chorus – with the two channels working) and one for keyboards (with 3 channels and respective Direct Box);
5 Lines (for 3 guitars and for 2 charangos – with the respective Direct Box);
2 Praticables: one for the drums and one for the percussion (Something about 4X4 m);
Extensions 110V AC for the linking of auxiliar equipment (pedais, keyboards, modules, etc);
Stage sound equipment matching these aspects (controlling tables, amplifiers, voice effects, monitors, P.A.s, etc).

Musicians Formation on Stage

55 (11) 4611 0110

Pre Schedule a show of the Raíces de América Band here by filling the form below: