Raíces de América or Roots of America

Festival de Cádiz - The Legend of the Night

Festival de CádizWhen I started reading the ancient legends of the Brazilian indian tribes, I would feel happier at almost every page I would turn, due to the poetical fantasy and the wonderful imagination of the Guarany indians. That indian nation didn't leave us imponent temples, not even long stairways to heaven; the kind of stuff that although we frequently admire but seldom do not comprehend its meaning, and would even hardly comprehend a tribe with the qualifications previously described.

The legends about the creation of things and their explanation of the natural phenomenons in these vast country which is Brazil follow, in common, a fantastic line of transformation and behavior ... besides a lot of enigmatic symbolism.

I could say that through the legends the indians state the History of the Feelings, they identify with the natural phenomenons, such like heat, darkness, the changings, the time passing, once there is no doubt that one day, they were all that.

All the characters in this great Indian Epic are malicious and competitive. And it couldn't be in another way, due to the circumstances that should develop in their history.

In all the indian legends, the Sun defends and introduces the vengeance and passion feelings that are considered its characteristics. The Moon fights for the conquest of the night. Sometimes for the Sun, sometimes, against it, Both, in harmony, cform a triangle with the Earth that wil always represent the Woman, the Mother, the Unquestionable Fountain. The Entire World is created through its harmony.

Millions of Suns and Moons move, constantly, in the starry space, but the Milky Way is an enormous sot of seminal liquid running desperately in search of a few other Earths able to fecundate life. At last, I should say that so much poetic madness thrown over my head by the Guarany legends inspired me to create a simple Chant of Love for Nature

David Kullok

"The Legend of the Night"