Raíces de América or Roots of America

Twenty Years of the Raíces de América

The Chant and the Foam

Vinte anos The Raíces de América sings nature's outdoors, the wild nerve of the sad tropics, of the typical costumes, colonial tropics. The urban scenery : the big cities of “nuestra America” ( our America ). Fire and cold, racial mixed populations, the social thickness of a post civilization continent.

Protesting music ? Torment lighthouse? Racial utopia ? Between the andes and the caatinga ( northeastern regions of Brazil typical vegetation ). O dream and the earth elements. The sound and the fury. The Love and the cannibal. e o telúrico. O som e a fúria. O amor e o canibal. Raíces de América and the superiority of the tropical man. A Caraiban revolution, bigger than the French Revolution.

The specialties of the Latin Americas give to it a historical dramaturgy. The Raíces de América brings us a vast musicality. Transitorial Roots, Amazonian roots, urban roots, roots of the deep ocean and the infinite sky without a single background of the South Cross.

The people and the love rescued in the visual beauty of a precious, sensitive show. Metal na pedra ( Metal over Stone ): sound metalurgy. Clouds eletric quitars. Steel throats. Salt songs. The history and the story, the roots and the America.

Leonardo Carmo

Raíces de América are: