Raíces de América or Roots of America

Oscar Segovia

Oscar Segovia Oscar Segovia, was born in Chile. From 1968 through 1973 played drums in the band “Amigos de Maria”, from Santiago, having taken part of recordings by Odeon and with presentations in various countries. In 1974, as a percussionist of the band Chaski, crossed the whole Brazil and performed some different seasons in Funarte ballroom, MASP and Aliança Francesa. Participated in 1978 of the cast of the band "Michitún", playing percussion and string instruments and took part of the presentation "Sion Bolivar", from Miroel Silveira, in the Catholic University Theater. Is also a member of the band Alma a sound arranger, and as a drum player in the band Velho Mundo, that plays the best rock from the seventies and the eighties.

Took part of the creation of the Raíces de América Band.

Oscar Segovia

Instruments: Percussion, drums and vocals.

contact: oscarsegovia@raicesdeamerica.com