Raíces de América or Roots of America


Willy Verdaguer

An ancient town on the North of Argentina, in the state of Jujuj. Andes Mountains, dry land, burning sun, deep Indian magic. All that led the author of this work into use, as a reference point, the mystic Humauaca in its deepest essence

In this work Verdaguer had the support and experience of this friend and producer, Billy Bond, the boss of “La Pesada del Rock and Roll” in Argentina, by the end of the 60´s and producer of: “La Biblia”, the first opera rock in Latin America, which united rock musicians to a Symphonic Orchestra.


  1. Dança dos dedos - (W. Verdaguer)
  2. Nova Espanha (W. Verdaguer)
  3. Charara (W. Verdaguer)
  4. Humauaca (W. Verdaguer)
  5. Pulomelu (W. Verdaguer / David Kullock)
  6. Galho de arruda (W. Verdaguer / Carlos Arruda)
  7. Montanhas (W. Verdaguer)
  8. Jogo da memória (W. Verdaguer)
  9. Rara vez (W. Verdaguer / Billy Bond)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Figuras (W. Verdaguer) - Same members of the CD Humauaca.
  2. Velociraptor (W. Verdaguer)
  3. Don´t cry m e for me Argentina (Andrew Loyd Webber)
    Ronaldo Paschoa- guitar / José Antonio Almeida – keyboards / Marcelo Mig – flute / Marinho Tomás – drums / Willy Verdaguer - bass
  4. Raiz forte (W. Verdaguer)
    Camilo Carrara – acoustic guitar / Mauricio Takeda – violin / César Elbert – keyboards / Tiago Sormani – sax soprano / Willy Verdaguer – bass and digital percussion / Roberto Carrera - efects
  5. Con & fusion (W. Verdaguer / Alberto Vanasco / Fren do Carmo)
    Trio Informal (Willy Verdaguer – bass / Alberto Vanasco – keyboars and Fren do Carmo) e Derico Sciotti – sax mid wx5 with modulo vl 70m / Mauricio Takeda – eletric violin.


Special guests:
Billy Bond – vocals on “Humauaca” and “Rara Vez”
Luiz De Boni – Mini moog on “Humauaca” and “Tequila Samplers” on “Galho de Arruda”
The thank list:
Billy Bond – For the Kindly Help in this production
Antonio Peticov – For the magic mountain
Luiz De Boni – For many nights and all the care
Coral PuloMelu – The big Family Choir and Humauaca's Original Members (76/79)
Emilio Carrera – Keyboardist
John Flavin – Guitarrist
Márcio Werneck – Flutist – Sax Player
Dudú Portes – drummer (76)
Chico Medouri – drummer (78)